All of the firmware of Samsung clone including the method of flashing. However, these files are compatible with the all the available Android version. But before proceeding to download and flashing the Samsung mtk/clone firmware please make sure you have carefully read this topic too.

Why do you want to flash your Samsung Smartphone?

  1. As you know, Androids is the easiest, popular and fast operating system as compare with other operating system like windows, mac etc. Android always look forward to launch something new to their users. That the reason, they keep updating the version of android on every new day, so the handset manufacturer/maker updates their phone's firmware with the newest Android version. But once the recent version of Android launched, it will stop downloading new updates, can’t download new version of apps and the speed will automatically get slow. That’s why a phone need to be flashed after using a while. If there is no critical problem, the slow performance phone is enough to consider about to quite about it.
  2. But just throwing your fully working phone is not an ingenious option to have. You can speed up the performance just flash its STOCK ROM or firmware. And the benefit of it, you can get the opportunity to use a ton of latest application from play store and other application provider. Just a new custom / stock ROM can revive your Smartphone just like that. There are some other procedure so flash the ROM and download Samsung clone firmware files. Such as, by using of phone for a time being if you notice your phone is unnecessarily slow or suddenly launched any unwanted application or download data without your knowledge then definitely there is something wrong with your mobile firmware. Here we have prepare a list please check the list below; here some cause given that point your phone need to be re-flash. 
  3. The phone is operating very slow, even though there is plenty of space in it's ram.
  4. Prevent is turning on any or some particular applications which could be virus(Monkey Virus).
  5. Automatically restart without informing you even you are using the handset. 
  6. Use your mobile data for downloading unwanted application.
  7. Take massive time to charge phone's battery.
  8. Automatically power drainage problem.
  9. Get totally soft bricked.
  10. The benefit of having a flash to your Smartphone apart from above mentioned reasons, a fully successful mobile flash will give many other benefits like-
  11. Get rid of white screen, Different lines on screen or Blank screen
  12. Hang On Logo or boot loop. 
  13. Sudden Restart without your permission even you are working on it. 
  14. if there will be Pattern Lock
  15. Pin Lock
  16. Password Lock and any type of other code.
preloader_mbk89_wet_jb2.bin DOWNLOAD FILE 



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