HTC is producing very nice models of mobile from decades. Hundreds of new model launched by this well recognize htc brand. Most of the htc brand handset have qualcom cpu but in some phone as to lower the price of phone in different market htc is using Mediatek and spd cpu in their model. HTC 326g is also one of these model which have spd cpu in it. As per user review this handset has positive response from the user. CPU and ram speed is excellent. 

If you got any problem in that phone in software area like boot loop, stuck on logo, infected by virus or your face held problem while using then this file could help you to make this phone brand new / factory state. 


Flashing RUU (Using ROM Update Utility)
  1. Download your required firmware according to your build and version. 
  2. Install proper driver for your htc and then connect your device to the PC
  3. After that boot your device in fastboot mode (power off the device and turn it on using power + vol down buttons and select "FASTBOOT")
  4. Open up command prompt as an Administrator ( Start > Run > type cmd and hit enter ). The window that appears is called Command Prompt. 
  5. Browse to where you unzipped "mini-sdk" package (type in Command Prompt: cd c:\mini-sdk). Note: make sure the path is not c:\mini-sdk\mini-sdk, your patch will be where ever you have extract your package. The further command will work according to that path.
  6. In the Command Prompt type the following command: fastboot oem lock
  7. Flash RUU and follow on screen instructions.
  8. You have now completely stock software on your device.

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