HUAWEI Y625-U32 (BUILD 104, 105, 108 ,109 & 110)

HUAWEI Y625-U32 (BUILD 104, 105, 108 ,109 & 110)

These files are from official source, These packages contain both of the files which can be flashed by SD card and also can be flashed by Flasher tool, To flash this mobile phone you have to be care full about the build number because without matching build phone can be soft bricked. This model have regional variant depends on your build that's why before hitting download make it sure what build number your have, so you may be avoid from being soft brick. You can check your build number by browsing phone setting and build number. And if you are unable to start that phone you can also check it by recovery, If the recovery is also corrupted you can check it by fast boot command, 

Fast boot command to check phone build, serial, imei, model etc

fastboot oem get-product-model  : you can read mobile name
fastboot oem get-psid : you can get the identification code
fastboot oem get-build-number : you can get mobile version info
fastboot getvar:rescue_phoneinfo: you can read more info about the phone
fastboot getvar imei

Y625-U32_V100R001C328B104 (OFFICIAL LINK)
Y625-U32_V100R001C328B105 (OFFICIAL LINK)
Y625-U32_V100R001C328B108 (OFFICIAL LINK)
Y625-U32_V100R001C328B109 (OFFICIAL FILE)
Y625-U32V100R001C567B110 (OFFICIAL FILE)

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Installation Method 1:

  1. Connect your phone to a personal computer by using short USB cable. and if your phone is not working properly then you can use SD card reader to copy these required file to the root directory of your sd card.
  2. Format your SD card with FAT32 and Make a new folder with the name of  “dload” in its root directory.
  3. Extract the ZIP file which you have already download from the link above and copy all of its contents (“UPDATE.APP”) to the “dload” folder which we previously created in SD card. 
  4. Disconnect your phone from PC or disconnect your card reader from the personal computer.
  5. Reboot your mobile into recovery mode by powering off your phone and then holding Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Buttons simultaneously.
  6. Within a few seconds of keep pressing these button, the update process will be automatically execute/started. It will take about 3-4 minutes to get it complete, depends on your phone processor and ram speed.
  7. When you see the update successfully, you can use the Backup utility to restore all the data you backed up in the beginning.
Another method to flash this file.
  1. Copy the downloaded package to your SD card as I explain it in first method. 
  2. Go to your mobile Settings > Updates > System Updates
  3. Click on ‘Local Update’, carefully read all the warnings and then make a quick backup of your device (in case you haven’t done that already)
  4. Next step is tap ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the update installation. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.
Please keep in mind mind that despite the fact that, this method has been fully tested and verified, I shall not be held responsible if your device gets screwed up at any point. Apply this update at you own risk.


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