Samsung has launched some of its model in china and Vietnam. These handset working like international version except google play store because china didn't allow google play store to work in china as they have problem with each other. In this release model Samsung had blocked the boot loader by crom locked tweak. If you buy this phone from china you will not found google play store in that android version or by accident you have flashed it's original firmware of open china you well get locked by crom and google play store will be lost. No worries you can install google play store by yourself if you have a bit knowledge of flashing and playing with mobile firmware. here is simple procedure for your consideration. (If you can't do it by yourself at the end i have given download link of the firmware which have already play store installed in it. 

Dear friends read it carefully i will not held responsible if you play wrong or do it at your own risk !!!!

First of all download TWRP Recovery for your A7000 FROM THIS LINK 

After that download BETA Super SU FROM THIS LINK
Then Download Open GApps Link Given below...
(select ARM in platform, 5.0 in android version or what ever version you have and pico in variant)

After downloading the whole package now Flash TWRP Via Odin, then copy 2nd  zip files to your phone's memory which you have already downloaded that are BETA-SuperSU-v2.67-20160121175247 & open_gapps-arm-5.0-pico.
Now browse / go into Recovery mode and install these 2 zips step by step. First SuperSU then GAPPS. then restart your phone. 

That's it ENJOY Your Play store.



  1. After downloading this file extract (unzip) the firmware package. 
  2. Download Latest Odin from THIS LINK
  3. Extract the downloaded Odin ZIP file on desktop.
  4. 3rd step is execute odin software. 
  5. Turn your mobile off and remove battery and after few second start your mobile in Download Mode by pressing and holding (Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
  6. After putting your phone in download mode connect phone and wait until odin detect your phone. 
  7. Add the downloaded firmware file to AP / PDA field. 
  8. Make 100% sure that re-partition option is NOT ticked (Only select when your know what is this option for other wise you can brick your phone. 
  9. When firmware loaded successfully simply click the start button, sit back don't touch any usb or use computer while your are flashing the phone.
  10. After few minutes (Depend on your phone memory and ram) you will receive flash successfully message.
  11. Your phone will be automatically restart wait until you will see welcome screen on the mobile. 

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