Y560-U02_V100R001C328B104 FIRMWARE / FLASH FILE

Files set for flashing : 
[ MCU ] : Y560-U02V100R001C328B104.pac
CRVersion  : BP_R1.0.0
PacCPUinfo : SC7731_2341A
PacVersion : Y560-U02V100R001C328B104
File : fdl1.bin
File : fdl2.bin
File : nvitem.bin
File : nvitem_wcn.bin
File : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
File : SC7702_sc7731g_y560.bin
File : DSP_DM_G2.bin
File : SC8800G_x30g_wcn_dts_modem.bin
File : boot.img
File : recovery.img
File : system.img
File : userdata.img
File : boot_logo.bmp
File : boot_logo.bmp
File : sysinfo.img
File : custom_ME_NAF.img
File : prodnv.img
File : cache.img
File : u-boot.bin
File : dlstat.bin
File : globalinfo.img

How to Flash SPD File 

  1. First of all you have to make sure your SPD Drivers are install perfectly. (Driver Download)

Download Research Downloader from this link 
And click on First Geer icon to select the flash file which have to be flash on your phone.

When your file successfully selected you can see your file name on the top of the tool as shown in picture.

You can verify whether your all files are successfully selected by clicking on second 2 setting geer icon.

After this click on Play icon and attach your mobile phone with your system if the driver is successfully installed flashing process will start automatically. Program will show you the processing indicator as shown in picture. 

On successful flash you will see this message finish and pass 
It's Mean your flash has been completed successfully, Now you can remove your phone and start it. 


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