Auto Call Recorder Pro for Android (Moded) 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x


AutoCall Recorder Pro is an android application to automatically record incoming and outgoing calls with excellent sound quality, You can also customize the sound quality by selecting MP3, AMR, Wave quality, You can also customize which call you have to record and which call should not be record automatically. 

Why You need Call Recorder 

Some time when we are busy or could not pay full attention to our caller, or some time our boss are giving us instruction on call and we don't have paper or pencil to write it down the important point, That call recorder is excellent partner to remember what you boss or who ever is giving you instruction for. For business purpose it is also very useful and helps us to solve so many matter which could effect our business deals. 

Version Supported 

We are proving two different version for this call recorder. One of these could be use for older android version but cant be use for the latest version like 6,7,8. But the second version is supported for all android version. Mostly in new Android version the security is too high to run these automatic application. That's why auto call recorder also put the options to include these type of application in trust worthy application. I hope that will work for you. 

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