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To day I am going to show you how to find the build no of your Huawei phone, so that you can find the exact flash file for you Huawei phone, I have phone CHM-U01 which is in full dead condition, I don’t know what build number / country vender of this phone. If I flash this phone with wrong firmware/ build number mobile definitely will be dead. So I must find the exact file of the phone
… first of all open the website and go to warranty check of Huawei phone. 
In video as you can see I have put the imei number of that phone and this site will show me the whole information of that handset, The serial number product id, That information is also helps you to unlock its bootloader, In my case I just need the exact flash file of this mobile.Now what I will do I will visit Huawei PK website for the firmware or I will find the exact country file. 
Let me show you mobile information and we will find the firmware of that handset.Phone is cun-u29
That handset is also PK country region. Let’s find the exact firmware of that mobile. Here we go we have file to download. If you are looking for the other country files please visit that website to find your file. Hope that will helps you a lot to find the exact information of your mobile handset
If you have some professional tool like sigmakey, sigma clip, eft dongle, that you can also find these information in fastboot,

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