Hi friends today i am going to show you how to remove un-used devices on your computer that are slow down your system and device connectivity.
Let me demonstrate it for you, how these extra installed devices slow down you pc As you see it took bit time on my system i have 16GB ram still it take a lot of time to recognize my device, let me show you again i am going to attach mtk device on my system.
Let me show you what is the reason of that delay
As you can see i have huge number of devices which occupied my long list of ports that’s why pc took a few second to allot a comport for your device, it will become more slow and irritate when you just want to check what is a cpu of your device,
Alright let me show you how to remove these devices and make your system more fast.
We need a small software which is free and the download link is also available in description or on my blog.
This small but very useful software will remove all that devices which are already installed on your system and not use more often.
Lets remove these devices and free our com ports and other ports.
I will show you the result later of device connectivity.
Lets remove them
There are tow method of removal of these devices
One is delete these devices one by one without that software
We cant select multi devices to remove that’s why it took long time to remove / uninstall these devices.
I found a very useful thing which will make your life easier.
Almost 884 un-used devices which should be remove.
I will select all of these device at once and remove all of them
One thing to remember start that software by administrator right.
Now we will see what is a benefit
As i show you earlier it took few second to connect and show the device but now it will show you at once
I hope that software will be very useful for you specially when you are professional in gsm field and connect hundred of devices on daily basis.
And for that delay you often have to re-install operating system / windows to make your computer faster, but with that trick you don't need to install windows after few days.
That will save a life of your hard disk.
I hope that will helps you a lot
For more interesting tips and tricks visit our blog
Take care
Taaa taaa !!

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