With magisk you can root almost all the latest android version in almost every binary. For that you have to patch your boot image from stock rom with magisk. If you are fully aware how to patch with magisk apk then you are good to go. But if you are newbe or you just want to save your time here are some tested patched boot files which is already patched by magisk. You can flash that boot file according to your android version and binary version. And after that you have to install magisk app and update it manually or select automatic update. Magisk will automatically update itself and restart your mobile. After restart your mobile will be rooted. 

Here is complete procedure you have to follow for rooting. 

1. Enable Developer option.
2. Turn Oem_option slider. 
3. Install Magisk Apk 
4. Patch your stock boot according to your phone android version and Binary.
5. Flash that patched boot file in you phone.
6. Update magisk manger. 
7. Restart your phone.

Your phone is rooted now. If you feel any problem you can google it, Youtube it or comments below we will try our best to provide you further guide. 

Download Rooted Boot Files (Credit to Mobile Efixtive

Magisk Apk

Magisk Manager.

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