How To Download Correct Firmware For hTC

For get correct firmware for htc mobile,you must have to know cid and main version,For getting CID and Main Version press 3 in htc smart tool.

Now you have CID and main version,You can download file now;but before download the file check CID To know carrier and coutry,press ____ in htc smart tool for getting hTC CID List.

also you have to know hTC File Description.



RUU = Rom Update Utility

M8_UHL =Phone Model

L50 = android version

hTC_Asia_India = CID of the firmware

4.18.720.8 = main version of the file

now already know your CID And Main version,so just download firmware which main version is same or higher and which cid is same(In S-ON Condition Only)

hTC File Downloading Sites are below;paid sites and free sites also here







7.Search in Google also.
if your handset is S-OFF AND CID is 11111111 you can able to Flash any firmware of the handset

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