How to flash hTC Handsets

If you have get .exe file(RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_ARA_2.37.415.1_Dr_Raid_Radio_13.55.55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_166943_signed.exe)

first connect your handset in fastboot mode and Run your handset file(exe)directly and follow the instructions..
if you have get .zip file;you can able to flash the file usin MMC,

you want to rename the file for mmc flashing,


rename to 0P6BIMG(4character From model number+IMG).
Then put your file into mmc and put mmc to handset(use Y Cable for if no mmc slot)

then reboot your handset to hboot mode by pressing volume down +power button

now start your flashing.

 if you have .exe firmware only,you can able to extract it to zip without any dongles,

first you want to Run this file and wait till extract don’t click next or don’t close the program

Go to your PC temp folder by pressing Windows key+R then type %temp%
and look for the last created folder. Open that.
you will get the file from can able to copy the file to any location

eg path location:-

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